Electro-Mechanical Services

Electro Mechanical Services

Electrical Services

Work and keep up the whole Electrical Systems, equipment and installations, according to the activity and support manuals and particulars of the manufacturers or the installation contractors.

HVAC System

We provide Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upkeep services to business, Industrial and private spots, to provide satisfactory indoor air quality with controlled room temperature and evacuation of moisture, scent, smoke, heat, dust, airborne microbes, carbon dioxide, different gases and so forth and acquaint outside air circulation with forestall air stagnation and keep up oxygen recharging.

Plumbing Services

We are devoted to conveying the most excellent plumbing services on time with best costs. We represent considerable authority in overseeing pneumatic and conventional water pipe lines, gas lines, clogged toilets, water blockages, water leakages, sewage cleaning, re-piping, and drain cleaning. We are the complete plumbing service providers to all residential and commercial plumbing service requirements

Water Management

Water resource management is the movement of arranging, creating, circulating and dealing with the ideal utilization of water resources. The following few significant procedures we follow to accomplish the ideal outcome.

  • To guarantee that activities of all Borewells are according to arranged timetable for 24-hour water supply.
  • To guarantee Borewell water meter perusing are to be recorded consistently.
  • To guarantee all pumps, pressure valves, hydro pneumatic systems and control panels are kept up as determined in manuals outfitted by manufacturers/original installation contractors.
  • To guarantee all water valves work easily and there are no holes anyplace in the system.
  • To guarantee all underground and overhead tanks are cleaned consistently according to the calendar to stay away from stores of residue and green growth arrangement.
  • To guarantee appropriate upkeep of Water Treatment Plant and right dose of chlorine.
  • To guarantee the ordinary upkeep and activity of filtration plant according to details.
  • To guarantee all Automatic level markers and level controllers’ capacity appropriately.
  • To guarantee that fire wellbeing water tanks are full anytime of time.
  • To guarantee that the water level is constantly kept up at wellbeing levels during the disappointment of borewells by calling the empanelled water supply vendors.