Club House

Club House & Gym

Our master Clubhouse supervisory group regulates the day by day tasks, audits the entire everyday exercises as per the bearings of the customer. Any mishaps happening will be coordinated with Security in finishing further activities with the mishap reports. We will deal with housekeeping, security, multi-functional clubhouse equipment maintenance and opening and closing of the clubhouse.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We give support services to Commercial, Industrial and Residential places with pools, fountains and water features. We spend significant time in cleaning, maintenance and repair services for the customer who looks for master pool care all things considered and particulars.


We have the mastery in keeping up the library with the most prominent consideration. A library is an assortment of sources of information and comparative assets, made available to a defined community for reference or acquiring, It gives physical or computerized access to material, and might be a physical structure or room, or a virtual space, or both. A library’s assortment can incorporate books, periodicals, paper, compositions, films, maps, prints, reports, microform, tapes, tapes, DVD’s, Blu-Ray circles, digital books, book recordings, information bases and different organizations. We have the ability to keep up fastidiously with the set procedures.